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Our services

We specialize in​ individualized patient-centered midwifery and full family healthcare. 

Pregnancy & Birth

Preconception Care

Prenatal Care through Delivery & Postpartum

Perinatal Mental Health Support

Fetal Health Evaluation (NST/AFI/BPP)


Vaginal Births including Water Births 

at  The Birth Center

C-Section Assists at The Birth Center

Non-Invasive Genetic Screening

Onsite MFM Consultations & Advanced OB/Gyn Ultrasounds with Origin Health

Family Planning & Birth Control

Lactation Support

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriage Evaluation

Onsite prenatal massage therapy with Mountain Air Massage

Adult Wellness

Family Primary Care for All Ages

Annual Wellness Exams for all Genders

Mental Health Support

Pre- & Post-Menopausal Care

STI Screening & Treatment

Birth Control including NFP, Hormonal & Barrier Methods


Smoking Cessation Support

PCOS, Endometriosis & Menstruation Support

Onsite Laboratory Services

Specialist & Imaging Referrals

Onsite EKGs & X-rays through Flexible Medical Imaging

Onsite Massage Therapy with Mountain Air Massage

Bioidentical Hormone Optimization with BioTE

Children & Teens

Newborn Care

Primary Care for ages 0-18

Routine Well Child Visits

Basic Hearing & Vision Screening

Preventative Care

Care for Pediatric Infections, Rashes & Diseases

Sports Physicals

Allergy Testing & Guidance

Asthma Support


Specialist Referrals

Adolescent Mental Health Support

Adolescent Puberty & Sexual Health 

Teen Substance Use Education

Acne Support & Dermatologist Referrals

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